Facilitation in the frame of the ateliers

The facilitation of the Atelier

The goal of the module is for the participants to understand the frame of the atelier. Who are the ateliers for and the role of the facilitator? An atelier is a multi-experience made up of three main phases. The first phase is welcoming, the second phase is “saying”, the third phase is closing. The ateliers are for people working with young migrants, young refugees, young asylum seekers and young second-generation immigrants in the age range between 16 to 30. The atelier aims to be a space and a time that is open to the unexpected and uncommon, where mutual contamination and individual processes are happening and constantly changing and evolving.

 The frame of the implementation of the atelier has been conceived between 6 to 8 sessions in total, covering the three different phases and thus reaching a total amount of 18 to 24 hours for the whole. The average length of a single session has been designed to cover up to 3 hours.

Being a facilitator in the atelier requires an extreme level of flexibility and a state of mind in which people should try, as much as possible, to let go of their ego and to let go of what they already know and accept their state of not knowing.