The elaboration group

The co-leading in the context of the ateliers is fundamental to promote the synergy between professionals coming from different backgrounds, in this specific case non-formal education and psychoanalysis, which combine a strong know-how in both fields of group and individual work. The contamination with somebody’s else knowledge is something that brings an incredible richness, especially in the framework of such a work with a group of people that requires that specific quality of presence and attention.

The atelier is not a direct work on trauma but it enables a process which could lead the unconscious resources that then the participant has to deal with; this is a work that cannot be done without being ready to offer the right and proper support to the participants on the psychoanalytical side.

Two approaches would make this elaboration possible:

  • Synchronic: the facilitator and the psychoanalyst have their moment of elaboration together;
  • A-synchronic: the support between the two professionals in a second moment, even if it is clear how going for a solution of co-leading becomes essential