Migration and trauma, context and background

The compendium is one of the outcomes of EXULI, a 2-years European project targeting practitioners and carers active in the work with young migrants, refugees, and second generation youth.

The aim of the project was to encourage synergies between community actors coming from different fields of intervention, such as youth workers, teachers, cultural mediators, social workers, psychologists and other multipliers, in order to improve the impact of their current practices and foster innovation, stepping away from the idea of standardization and actually responding to the needs of the current migratory phenomenon.

EXULI combined together the knowledge and professional experience of non-formal education and Lacanian psychoanalysis in the field of work with newly arrived and second-generation youth, which was collected and systematized into a Compendium.

The Compendium outlines an integrated approach in regards of the reception and creation of the preliminary conditions for the treatment of trauma and, at the same time, aims to provide an opportunity for practitioners to reflect and challenge what they already know. There is no such thing as a pre-established know-how, each person must be considered in one’s own singularity and we, as practitioners, are called and need to reinvent something of our own techniques in order to be able to attend every single subject.