Theoretical framework

TheTheoretical Framework is related to migration and segregation.

Did you notice I am speaking English, a language that I don’t have a good command of? I don’t feel comfortable with this situation and it has made me think…

Let’s think about the amount of discomfort and difficulties that migrants have to face. They’ve left their home, their country. They’ve lost their families, their social networks, their lifestyles... In addition, once they are in the host country, they have to leave aside their mother tongue and all the emotional and personal bondages that may be involved.

For migrants who massively arrive in our countries, learning a new language is not a professional or cultural challenge. It is rather a forced choice; it is a matter of survival.

These processes of loss and mourning are required to establish new ties in the host country, and that’s one of the elements of migratory experiences. That’s something that all migrations have in common, at any place or historical moment.

However, as for the young people that arrive in our homelands nowadays, we must consider three more aspects that make this matter even more complex: Firstly, traumatic experiences that many of them have gone through their long journeys; secondly, all conflicts, misfortunes and war suffered at their home countries; and finally, fragility and conflicts that are characteristic and common in adolescence, and the rejection attitudes that they will both receive and experience/.

These linguistic and cultural differences give way to group formation but they’re not enough to explain the hostility towards those who are different from oneself, the hostility to the other, the foreigner/s. Freud clearly stated the reasons for discontent in culture/civilization: he specified the destructive tendency of human beings. It’s necessary to look into these concepts: to understand what’s moving in the inner self of the subject, a subject that can only be constructed with those who are around him. Then, and only then, we may understand the collective phenomena and move forward with proposals that make humanity-humility prevail among us ("humanility").