Quaderno Teatro Rifugiati

Quaderni teatro rifugiati is a collection in Italian language of testimonies of some of the artistic experiences, born within and outside the network of the Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (SPRAR). The collection highlights how the dimensions of memory, temporality, likelihood and reciprocity are present in the theatre; the theatre also allows the exploration of non-verbal modes of narration, while the recreational dimension contributes to strengthening self-esteem and laying the foundations for a (new) sociality.

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“Observ-Action” Analysis of Impact of EXULI

This analysis of impact is a synthesis of the "observations" recorded by the partners of the ExULI project consortium during the experimentation phase which was conducted at the local level of the ateliers carried out with young migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and second-generation youth. The document looks into the impact that this formula of pathways based on expressive medium with a low threshold of access has had: on the young participants, analyzing to what extent the experience of the ateliers has actually contributed to create the preconditions for a possible breakthrough in the process of narration of the trauma; and on the facilitators involved, extrapolating and identifying how the experience of the ateliers has contributed to increase their competences, which skills and knowledge have been developed and how they can help to improve the effectiveness of their youth work practice in relation to the area of work with young migrants.

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